7art Radiating Clock Screensaver

7art Radiating Clock Screensaver

7art Radiating Clock will give you the time with colors

Are you looking for a new clock for your computer?
Would you like to have something different than the usual screen clocks available?
7art Radiating Clock will give you the time with colors.

This beautiful screensaver will immediately attract your attention.
It will show you the right time, of course. But instead of showing you a fancy clock, or one that moves and bends, it will display the time with a very nice colored background.
And it is not only a plain colored background.
It will tell you the correct hour of the day or night using a very special effect that will make your screen radiate light and let you feel the energy behind it.

This screensaver is not a classic one at all. The radiating effect is awesome.
It will have you staring at it for a long time, waiting for the next color change to appear.
Maybe you will even forget about the hour while you watch the mesmerizing effects of the background.

7art Radiating Clock will surely attract the attention of your family and coworkers, and will give you the time with style.

Fernando Soni
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  • Different
  • Nice color transitions


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